Paths to EU-topia - Brussels

Paths to EU-topia – Brussels

Art Styria: „Paths to EU-topia“
Presentation / Performance of studio ASYNCHROME

Project assistant: Johanna Regger

German Info: LINK

Wednesday, 22 March 2017, at 6.30 pm in the Styria House in Brussels, Avenue de Tervuren 82, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgium.

studio ASYNCHROME places in all it´s projects the question of a „contemporary utopia“ in the focus of it´s employment. The artist- and architect-duo sketches current processes, tries to give space for a discourse in their artistic, analytical expression and thus to explore the utopian potential of our society.

Despite the different historical or sociological connotations, utopia is basically a neutral (ambipolar) concept, in contrast to dystopia, which is characterized by a negative societal scenario, also in contrast to eutopia, which sketches a positive organized community and a solidarity-thinking society.

studio ASYNCHROME asks in its conceptual definition to understand the utopia again as interstices of the human and therefore as spaces of opportunities for the urban citizens of our world.



In a central search for answers, solutions and the global „HOW TO FIND“, we slowly but surely reach our limits in a time of result orientation. So what happens if one understands the city not as a defending system, but once again as a present chance, based on many incredible dynamic processes and opportunities? „PATHS TO EU-TOPIA“ represents a significant call for studio ASYNCHROME in Brussels to reintroduce the utopia into the social processes and thus also to allow the critical questioning of the so-called „good places“ again.

pictures of the performance and the header by © Wolfgang Dekeyser

Radio Interview in terms of „Path´s to EU-topia“ (audio: GER)