Revisioning Territory

Revisioning Territory

Revisioning Territory

In the frame of the Artist-in-Residence Exchange Programm CENTRAL & EAST EUROPE CALLING, seven artists from Central & Eastern European countries will spend one month in Austria and seven artists from Austria are invited to spend one month in one of the host countries in Central & East Europe. — studio ASYNCHROME was selected by OFF Biennale to spend their Residence in Budapest.

View of the 33 diary drawings


studio ASYNCHROME investigated as part of the residency in Budapest the countless entanglements and networks of the socio-political life within the structure of the city. Important cornerstones of the content-related questions of the duo revolved around „Memory Politics“ and „Rewriting of History“. They devoted their interests for example to the monumental changes

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, which are increasingly visible in public spaces. In view of the upcoming, controversial celebrations the 100th anniversary of the Trianon complex in 2020, studio ASYNCHROME want´s to point out these tendencies and populist mobilization strategies for discussion. Especially as these developments on the temporal axis of past, present and future pose essential, social and European issues.

Every drawing shows a zoom on experiences the duo had during their research in Budapest.



Revisioning Territory Part 2

Back in Graz, studio ASYNCHROME immediately worked on an installation in public space, which continues their topics of their rearch in Budapest. The work is called „Happy Birthday“ to Alois Mock and Guyla Horn and was presented as a guerilla action for the second tour along the installations at „Zaungäste“ in the terms of Schaumbad Freies Atlierhaus Graz and KIÖR – Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark.