Project management, artistic concept: Marleen Leitner, Michael Schitnig
Project assistance: Waltraud Schitnig
3D planning: DI Julian Jauk
Steel construction: Stahlbau LEX
Greening: Ginkgo Gardens
Steel paintwork: Thomas Grohs
Earthworks: Tieber Gmbh
Transport: Hierzmann Transporte Gmbh
 Sketch of Future Faces

The concept behind the first sculpture of studio ASYNCHROME was to select via coincidence 15 people

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, one of every district of the new municipality of Frohnleiten. The only restriction was: No active politicians. After the selection, the drawings of the people were cut out and of massive steel, welded and arranged 360°. Trough this process 15 people out of every age were brought together and are now visible as a common sculpture on a roundabout at the new entry street of Frohnleiten. Each „Face“ has a height of 4

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,20m and is placed in an „designed bee friendly meadow“ that regulates and regenerates itself within the next years.


Photo by: Peter Brandstätter / bilddesign

Depending form the angle you look at the sculpture, it will transform every day of the year a bit different trough the changes in the surrounding like the place and the people there are in a changing and developing process. The lines that the shadow of the sculpture will draw  – even unvisible into the green  – will generate daily different overlays and narrations.




 Artwork under construction. Photo by: KKKerstin [k]