Vienna from Memory

Vienna from Memory

Do you even remember Vienna (or Graz)?

Video of the talk with Gelatin /Fiston Mwanza Mujila / studio ASYNCHROME

In the world before the pandemic , travel was nothing special. People often knew other cities as thoroughly as their hometown, especially if that place was in the same country. But now, this might no longer be the case. One is stuck in one’s own city for months, until even nearby towns turn into dream landscapes. What remains of these places? Two artist groups from Austria set out to find an answer. One of them

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, Gelatin from Vienna, supplies a map of Graz, as seen from their own upside-down and sideway perspective, with funny stick figures and repeated beer advertisements. In the memory of the Graz-based group studio ASYNCHROME, the Viennese freedom(e), the Karl-Marx-Hof, the Prater, and other landmarks merge into an illusionistic perspective collage.

Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’20