The Power of Bios and Zoë

The Power of Bios and Zoë

Doubtful Practices / Practices of Doubt
16 Dec 2021
– 06 Jan 2022

Venue: Austrian Pavilion EXPO Dubai

Featured artists include:
studio ASYNCHROME, Abiona Esther Ojo, OCTO-R, Simon Olubowale, Michikazu Matzune, Ernst Logar

Curated by Martin Baasch
Initiated by GRASPnetwork
Online Symposium curated by Anja Puntari


Photo by © Martin Baasch

Video by © Martin Baasch

Photos by © Martin Baasch & Mohammed Parambil

Artistic research and working methods to investigate and describe the world have often been disregarded – too unscientific, too subjective and too little oriented towards the parameters of political and economic interests. But artistic approaches open up new perspectives and take up relevant discourses much earlier than others. Precisely because they work from a radically subjective perspective, they come up with solutions that go far beyond conventional patterns of action.

Against the background of the world economic event EXPO Dubai, the exhibition “Doubtful Practices / Practices of Doubt” brings together artistic positions that deal in different ways with the topics of work, exploitation, science and belonging. The exhibition presents selected works by Austrian artists. Accompanied by a symposium in digital space, it critically expands the program of the Austrian Pavilion at EXPO Dubai.

The aim of the exhibition is to open up perspectives within the framework of the world economic event EXPO Dubai and to question the logics of the power interests presented there. The exhibition directs the attention of the international visitors to political

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, ecological and social issues and entanglements that are often pushed aside during those kinds of events.

The positions range from ERNST LOGAR’s scientific and artistic explorations of a (post) oil society to the meticulously crafted, large-format drawings by STUDIO ASYNCHROME which examine the future of work and production as well as contexts of exploitation. The research-based installation project “Le Trésor des Salaires” by OCTO-R focuses on paid and unpaid labour, while ABIONA ESTHER OJO deals in her contribution with the craftsmanship of hair braiding and questions of cultural belonging in the Austrian society. SIMON OLUBOWALE is working on his Austrian-Nigerian family history with all its loose ends, struggles and benefits, while MICHIKATZU MATSUNE starts from his own passport photo to address idealised global mobility and international border regimes.