Sprechen mit dem Stift - Zeichnen als Sprache

Sprechen mit dem Stift – Zeichnen als Sprache


The sketchbook for the worldwide drawing day is ready. Drawers put their actions into the service of language. When we draw, a dynamic connection between the hand and the head arises with which we communicate in our own way. While the language is dominated by rules and appointments , the drawing holds a greater freedom and a narrower narrative than the word-for-word of language. That is why a good drawing, a comprehensible sketch, shakes no one out of the sleeve. Talking with the pen requires the exercise. Drawing has been understood as a language that everyone can understand, rehearse or reinvent – Claudia Gerhäusser (Co-Curator of the exhibition).

Zeichnen als Sprache

This sketch was created by studio ASYNCHROME during the drawing action in the Forum Stadtpark.

Photos of the bookrelease and exhibition of the publication edited by Claudia Gerhaeusser and studio ASYNCHROME „Sprechen mit dem Stift – Zeichnen als Sprache“ (Talking with the pen – Drawing as a language) at the FORUM STADTPARK. The book is published at Forum Stadtpark publisher´s. Thanks to the team of the Forum especially Heidrun Primas , Claudia Gerhäusser for the inspiring co-working process, Wolfgang Oeggl for the incredible text, the drawers of the book and the visitors of the exhibition.