HIDE and SEEK @ spaceX8 for the Neue Galerie Graz

studio ASYNCHROME are the selected artists of the Neue Galerie Graz for the showcase art project at the Joanneumring Graz.  – The new „Art Mile“ opened on March 24, 2018 at the Joanneumring 6-10.

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What is spaceX8: spaceX8 In cooperation with the „Ankünder“, eight art institutions in Graz have come together to transform the display cases integrated into the appearance at the Joanneum Ring into spaces for art under the name spaceX8. spaceX8 – eight times room for artists, but also eight times space in his time and in dealing with time (space times eight). Eight small rooms at the Joanneumring, which become showcases for contemporary art. The expectations of passers-by are being undermined.Instead of fashion trends and trendy shoes or bags they are confronted with contemporary art.


Photos day and night situation by © UMJ /Nicolas Lackner

It is the unexpected slump of contemporary aesthetics and virulent issues in everyday life. The temptations of capitalism give way to seduction by art. Low threshold and practically in passing interest in the Graz art scene is awakened and new audiences are won. Of course , every show room nolens volens naturally reflects the program of the respective institution – the displays become the outer layers of the art institutions. spaceX8 are eight outposts for contemporary art, eight satellite galleries in the center of the city, eight feature rooms, eight incubators for young art, eight well-deserved art institutions that make a difference together.


In their fragile over-layering drawings on folded plexiglass studio ASYNCHROME narrates on the question and the decisions of the developments concerning the city of Graz as „City of Human Rights“. In which directions are we going after the anniversaries of 1938 and 1948, where are we now in the year 2018?