For the OSTRALE Biennale 2023 in Dresden, the artduo developed for the first time a new work in the form of an installation out of their „Body Works“ drawings .


The Body Works series is inspired by the sociology of the body – a young sub-discipline of sociology – which examines the mutual relationship between body and society. How is social reality created and represented through bodily practices, how is it supported, changed or questioned through bodily sensations?

For the duo , the focus of their work is on the one hand the great struggle for structures, technologies and resources, on the other hand the emergence of new alliances and dependencies. Societal values, norms, systems of knowledge and ideas are shifting locally and globally and are influencing people, our environment and thus also our bodies themselves.

The cut as an element enables views, insights and outlooks, an additional layer of perception not only of the underlying structure, but also of the narrative and the drawn bodies. The entire installation wrestles with each other through the division, develops between each other via scaffolding and structures, connects with each other in bodies – for a common future.