The Drawing Obsession

The Drawing Obsession

The Drawing Obsession


Curated by: Roman Grabner


While a large retrospective is devoted to Günther Brus in Vienna in early 2018 to mark his upcoming 80th birthday, the BRUSUEM opens its rooms to a young generation of artists who have something in common with the ‘landlord’, Herr Brus: their obsession with drawing. On display are not only the wide variety of expressive forms offered by the medium of drawing, but also the process of drawing itself.

Young artists from Europe – including Studio Asynchrome, Gabór Kóos and Marianne Lang – will each come for four weeks to Graz to create new works in front of the public in the BRUSEUM, and thus break up the conventional structure found in exhibitions. Therefore, on the opening day, no single work will be on show, given that the exhibition develops throughout its duration. Whilst this happens, the public is invited to come back again and again, stay for a cup of tea or coffee, and experience the process of creating art. Visitors can also become active themselves, for the so-called permanent exhibition room will temporarily be converted into a ‘participation room’.

To accompany this exhibition, we are organising regular concerts of contemporary music jointly with the Art University of Graz, so as to shed light on parallel structures in the two forms of expression.


The exhibition space as well as the drawings on the wall represent a fragmentary state. The „Space-Drawings“ is complemented in the second part in June. Fragmentary extracts of the wall drawing will appear in other parts of the walls and the speech bubbles will be filled. A rendezvous between Thatcher and Reagan is expected. This fragmentary state is also evident in the hanging of paper branches.  Empty nails should refer to the coming work.