studio thoughts

studio thoughts


Music of the day: King Fou – Samsa

Book of the day: Conceptions of the Desireable

Food of the day: Krapfen

Hero´s of the day: The „Schaumbad“ members!

Aha of the day: Impossible I- 1 Camera

Film of the day: La Planéte sauvage by Pierre Pairault

Free space on the hard disk: 17,4 GB

Current Project of the day: Preperations for the Open.Lab project at Reinighaus Graz

Pen or art accessories of the day: uni posca brush

Opposition of the day: How many days are there until the opening of the exhibitions?

? of the day: Thank you for your participation we’ll see whether and especially how to be exhibiting your things? (email conversation)

Artist of the day: Situationist International

Architects of the day: Tam associati

Drink of the day: Flu Tea

Remainig time to go to bed:  7h 02 min

Knowledge of the day: You have to pay parking fees, even if you sit in the car!

Own Chuck Norris Facts: Chuck Norris do not not have a Facebook Account, Facebook has a Chuck Norris Account!

Word´s of the day: This is a comletely normal rotating brush…

more too come..

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