Care+Repair @ Vienna Biennale

Care+Repair @ Vienna Biennale

A public workspace of the Architekturzentrum Wien  (Architecture Center Vienna) as part of the Vienna Biennale 2017
Place: Nordbahn-Halle near Wasserturm, corner Leystraße / Taborstraße, Nordbahnhof Vienna, 1020 Vienna

How can we repair the future? And how can architecture and urbanism ensure this? Care and repair are concrete activities. They are effective at specific locations.
With its former water tower and the coexistence of lizards, toads, birds and recreation seekers, the Nordbahnhof with its old and new neighbors, with its impressive town break, which according to the townscape as a free center is to be enlarged, is an exemplary piece of city, To test Care + Repair for the urban future. At the invitation of the curators Angelika Fitz and Elke Krasny, six international architecture teams will develop prototypes.

The activities are accompanied and documented by studio ASYNCHROME (Marleen Leitner and Michael Schitnig).


The project Care + Repair knows that repairing and caring means long-term working for the future. Therefore the curators Angelika Fitz and Elke Krasny starting from 2017 over a period of three years put on new forms of exchange, cooperation and research with the goal, for the first time a contemporary Care+Repair perspective in architecture and urbanism. Care + Repair is neither a new architectural style nor a new way of planning. Rather, in spite of the powerful shadows of modernism, which built on the promise of a better and technically feasible future, it is about developing an attitude for a future that will always need to be repaired.

LINK: Photos of first the presentation day (AZW)

Care + Repair Sunset Drawing with studio ASYNCHROME

Furthermore the studio workshop designed by studio ASYNCHROME devoted itself to the search for pictures and ideas of Care + Repair.

Repairing and caring are acts of everyday life, unspectacular, repetitive, time consuming, exhausting. Only rarely do they receive the necessary recognition. How can care wear look like? How can we imagine repairing the future? Marleen Leitner and Michael Schitnig use artistic methods such as photography, painting, animation or drawing for their architectural investigations. The common drawing opens up ways to grasp the ideas of another future with the crayon.