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Grafik – Graphics


Fun Palace 4.0 (The Random Walks)

The aim of Fun Palace 4.0 (The Random Walks) is to develope in narrative diary format drawings and texts about ideas concerning space, society and the unvisible connections in between. What kind of informations, we read or notice in our ordinary life make us personally affect how we act? The Narration offers us the possibility to get in a drawn discussion with the Past, the Present, maybe the Future?

fun palace 4_0_2

The city understood as a constantly renewing the field , based on history and the current exponential growth, imagine the architecture/art and the employment field of the architect / artist with new challenges.
We live in a neoliberal environment that has been worked out to the last detail. This order is crucial to keep a complex world working. But it can also result in too much regulation. Who doesn’t have any romantic need for the unsystematic—the free spaces, the fallowfields and other niches of the city?

We dream of an architecture that is not only monument of money , but steadfastly has a will of its own . We dream of the feeling of Entasis, and not by the dictum of functionality . We dream of an art that does not claim to eternity, but thus is timeless. We dream of the reference, just as well as by referendum . We dream, because in a dream we can change the reality a little bit.

We see the „Image poetry“ for our subjects and researches as a means of expression, to think about the interfaces and overlays of individual areas and to think over and test out transgressions of limits .

Black and White (Ink) Series

Microkosmen expandieren und formen sich zu Fleisch gewordenen Begegnungen. Gleichzeitig implodiert der Macrocosmos um in der Auflösung des Horizonts auf ein Neues wiederzukehren. Organic Merge beschreibt eine fast exzessive Verschmelzung des Hervortretenden und dem gleichzeitigen Eintauchen in die Welt die uns umgibt. Weitere Arbeiten untersuchen als „Extendet Comics“ die abstrakte Komponente zwischen Text- und Bildinformationen.

Microcosms expand and form themselves into incarnate encounters. At the same time implodes the Macrocosms to reappear in the resolution of the horizon. “Organic Merge” describes an almost excessive fusion of the bulging and a simultaneous immersion the world that surrounds us. Further works named „Extendet Comics“ investigates the abstract component between text and image information.